Company Owner Interview!

Company Owner Introduces Himself, and SPARC Weapons Training!

 Check out this interview on, "Shooting From The Lip" with the Company Owner of SPARC Weapons Training, LLC, Aaron McGahee. We can't thank the hosts Kevin Hale and Jamie Jaggers enough for the opportunity to introduce not only Mr. McGahee, but SPARC Weapons Training, LLC to the public. The interview is full of laughs, great questions, and some embarrassing answers! Go ahead, press play!

Company Owner on Self-Defense, Gun Ownership, and Survival Skills!

Check out this interview on, 93.1 The Beat, The Ville's Hip Hop N' R&B (an iHeart Radio Station). Company Owner, Aaron McGahee, answers tough questions from Dr. Ricky Jones and 12 Mr. FTC, on topics ranging from the Armed Citizenship to Survival Skills. 

Company Owner, Aaron McGahee, shares an inspirational anecdote that exemplifies the power of gun training.